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Samaritan's Purse

The American Red Cross (They need funding for shelters),

Texas Baptist Men's Fellowship (Funding for building materials and supplies

Operation Blessing Food, Funding, Bottled Water

Catholic Charities Disaster Assistance:

Salvation Army Houston:
How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Many have contacted us asking how they might assist those in need in the Houston area.  We are therefore posting as a public service today the links to reputable agencies currently assisting those in need.  Just click on the link to go directly to the website of each organization
Largest Civilian Armada Since Dunkirk...and they did it!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATED September 6, 2017: Boaters from Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Western Texas, and Missouri, even North Carolina joined the efforts to rescue as many as possible from the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey.  Two dams overflowed in a matter of hours which resulted in even worse flooding in many residential areas.  Boat teams were loaded with 6 to 14 persons per trip  ferrying in to transport as many as possible out of harms way.  Among those crews, four Lancer Teams from Arkansas, and two from Western Texas have joined the efforts.  The Cajun Navy joined the effort with numerous airboats which were able to get into areas prop boats could not.  Over 33,000 were rescued or assisted.  Over 13,000 were life saving actual rescues.  At least three nursing homes had to be evacuated.  Waters in the area have been infested with rats, alligators, snakes, fire ants, and septic waste, also complicating the situation.  The official death toll is now over 60.  Boat crews assisted in rescues that covered an area the size of the states of New York and Massachusetts combined.   Bass Pro Shops donated 80 Pathfinder boats to assist with the search and rescue.
Civilian boaters who themselves have had their homes damaged, and lost property in the impact of Hurricane Harvey joined into the emergency effort to remove as many people as possible from the path of waters that came from overflows preventing a full breech of two reservoir dams in the Houston area.  The number of those who needed to be evacuated were in the tens of thousands.  Two North Carolina National Guard Helicopter Rescue Teams were also  dispatched to aid in the rescue efforts.
The volunteers who gave so much of themselves kept the death toll down from what could have been in the hundreds, possibly the thousands without their dedicated efforts.  As Texans begins to rebuild and reclaim their property from the floodwaters of Harvey,  we are now faced with Irma rapidly approaching the Eastern Seaboard.  Let us hope that in that hour of need we can once again come together
Local Knights of Columbus Chapters Step Up to Help

Texas and Southern Louisiana are being hit by what is called the worst natural flood disaster ever recorded.
Several people have died, with tens of thousands of others forced to leave their homes. More than 33,000 people have been rescued from the flooded areas, many seeking refuge in emergency shelters.  In response to the devastation, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus has launched an online donation drive to assist with local relief operations. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to relief efforts.
"The Knights of Columbus has a long tradition of providing disaster relief," said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. "Our communities, like the people of Southern Louisiana, need our time, our efforts and our financial assistance. We are going to do all that we can, working with the Louisiana State Council and local councils, to help those most in need as a result of the flooding."
Local Councils of the Knights of Columbus including Camp Lejeune / New river, Infant of Prague, St. Mildreds, St. Stanislaus have already donated and are continuing in the effort to support those affected by the hurricane and flooding. 
Deputy Grand Knight Roy H Linscott III of Council 7024 at St. Mildred's Catholic Church in Swansboro said, "this is only the beginning.  We recognize that the need will be great in the coming days and months.  As Christians, as Catholics, we are committed for the long haul."  If you would like to learn more about this now nationwide effort to help those in need, please visit
September 6th, 2017 Next Update 
Friday September 08th
Local Marines Join the Rescue and Recovery Effort

The US Marine Corps deployed 690 US Marines including a number from Camp Lejeune North Carolina, aboard the USS Kearsarge and the USS Oak Hill according to a US Marine Corps official. Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, II Marine Expeditionary Force Marine Expeditionary Force will assist in support efforts.   The official said additional aviation assets will include: eight MV-22B Ospreys, three CH-53E Super Stallions and three UH-1Y Hueys. In addition to the air assets, the Marines will also have water purification and storage capability.  
In addition, Reserve Marines from various units in Texas are supporting FEMA, state and local response efforts, according to a statement from the service on Wednesday. Charlie Company, 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion, based in Galveston, and Charlie Company, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, based in San Antonio, are conducting immediate response missions in support of the relief efforts.
And if needed, a number of Marine Corps boats, aircraft and tactical vehicles are awaiting orders from US Northern Command. More than 100 2.5-ton US Army trucks capable of moving in high water were sent to flooded areas of Houston from Fort Hood on Tuesday, according to a US defense official. The trucks will be used in flooded areas to help rescue and move people through high water.
And there's more, the Pentagon's Defense Logistics Agency is also providing 450,000 gallons of diesel and 50,000 gallons of gas that is expected to arrive at Fort Hood on Wednesday, according to a statement from US Northern Command on Tuesday.
North Carolina Crews Assisted Rescue & Recovery

Two Helo-Aquatic Rescue Teams, known as NC HART, have returned from San Antonio, Texas where they helped with flood rescue and response.   Some of the same crews that resnded to Texas helped rescue people trapped in floodwaters last fall following Hurricane Matthew. Those same Search and rescue crews pulled more than 2,300 people from flooded homes and cars when the storm hit North Carolina last October, including more than 100 rescued by helicopter.  Two UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters and eight airmen from the N.C. National Guard, six rescue technicians (three from the Charlotte Fire Department, two from Asheville Fire and one from Transylvania EMS), and two N.C. Emergency Management area coordinators spent 10 days supporting rescue missions in San Antonio. The Blackhawks and rescue crews flew out last Monday morning and met up with the area coordinators in San Antonio that afternoon.  The returning crews report having rescued 24 people and two dogs while in Texas.

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One Thing is Certain... Irma is Coming Our Way!!

Four of the most accurate spaghetti models now show a path that has Hurricane Irma having significant impact on our area as early as late next Tuesday.  She could arrive as a very powerful Category 4 Hurricane, with winds in excess of 120mph, or she could arrive as a very much weakened storm having traveled over land.  As of today September 6th, it is impossible to accurately project which of the two scenerios will apply.  One thing is certain, in any case the storm will bring a lot of water, and that means expect flooding.  The fact that this storm could end up following the path of Matthew does not leave on with a good feeling.
It's really a good idea to start preparing now.  Why?  Because if Irma shifts north as four of the models show, she may also increase in speed of travel, reducing the time to prepare.  So the question is what can you do to get ahead of the threat. 
1. Remove or secure all yard items that could become projectiles.  Don't think small on this.  If it's not secured to the ground, it can become a projectile.  Lawn ornaments, lawn furniture, lose lumber, bricks, blocks, unsecured truck toppers, lawn mowers, can all become projectiles when winds exceed 100 miles per hour.
2. Now is a good time to start stalking up on water.  Old soda bottles make great water storage once you clean them out.  Bottled water is good to stock up on also.  Keep in mind the average person consumes two gallons of water daily.  The more fresh water you have on hand in good containers, the better off you will be.
3. Place critical documents in sealed water tight containers or at least plastic bags, so that if you have to you can recover them.
4. Plan ahead for what you will do with Fido or Kitty.  If you plan on evacuating and taking them with you ahead of the storm, make sure you have safe transporters to put the animals in.  Also, remember animals can sense fear, and may react differently than normal in the stress.
5. Don't wait to the last minute, have a calculated plan for evacuation, and make sure you utilize that plan early enough for contingencies such as traffic jams, mechanical failures, fuel shortages, and so on.  Try to make your decision to leave or stay before the population panic starts.
6. Find out if the home you live in is in a flood zone before the storm gets here.  It is already expected that when Irma arrives there could be a significant flood event.  If your house is in a flood prone area, you already have good reason to evacuate ahead of the storm if possible.
7. If high winds come and you are here, remember the best chance of survival is in the center of a structure with the most barriers between you and the outside.  Older mobile homes, and RV's should never be stayed in during a hurricane.  Never under estimage the power of the storm.  Your property can be replaced.  Your life can't be. 
The better prepared you are ahead of the storm the better your chance of survival.  Get ready now.